Product Marking

CangZhou SINHOO buttwelding fittings are identified by die marking permanently (carbon fittings) or by ink (stainless fittings) to designate:

1. Manufacturer
2. Size
3. Wall Thickness
4. Material Grade
5. Heat Identification (Corresponding to our Mill Test Report)

The identification on each CangZhou SINHOO buttwelding fitting is your assurance that the fitting has successfully passed inspection and quality control, and that the accurate record of chemical and physical properties of the steel from which the fitting was made is fully traceable.

1. ASTM A234 WPB
Marked as per MSS SP-25 by die stamping.
2. JIS B2311
Marked as per JIS code by die stamping.
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3. DIN 2605/2615/2616/2617
Marked as per DIN code by die stamping.
4. ASTM A403
Marked as per MSS SP-25 by ink printing.